• Jayden Lyons

What the Hell is Splunk?

Splunk may just be the coolest technology platform you've never heard of. Splunk Enterprise is a data aggregation and correlation platform who's slogan is "Data to Everything." That sums up perfectly what Splunk is, but what Splunk does is provide businesses with infinite possibilities of how to manage their data. Big data is everywhere, and machine data is perhaps the most valuable and underappreciated asset you have in your business. With Splunk, you can transform data into a currency that drives business

success with enhanced IT performance, deep business insights and analytics, and centralized security monitoring to catch cyberthreats before they become a big problem.

Splunk Enterprise is an industry leading platform for collecting, exploring, and analyzing machine data. Splunk can ingest data from any source, index it, and provide an intuitive search head interface that anyone can interact with to gain valuable insight into their business environment. Splunk gathers data from physical, virtual, and Cloud environments. Splunk easily integrates with data in databases, SQL and NoSQL, data warehouses, Hadoop, and more. Splunk can grab structured and unstructured data from virtually any machine data or any other source, including IoT devices, APIs, JSON, CSV, and XML data. Splunk dashboards are built with Simple XML in the background, but Splunk dashboards and applications can be enhanced with any of the primary programming languages including JavaScript, Python, PHP, Java, CSS, and HTML.

Splunk is easy to deploy and can go wherever your data resides to create unparalleled visibility into your business operations, IT and security infrastructure, endpoints, and industrial compliance that can take your business to the next level with powerful analytics for everyone. Splunk is scalable and flexible. Splunk can be deployed on a single endpoint in your home office or as a large enterprise architecture for a Fortune 500 company.

Splunk has a powerful SPL, search processing language, that is as complex or as simple as you need it to be to provide meaningful and actionable information from the data Splunk is processing. Splunk makes it possible to search for and find that needle in a haystack in real time in fast paced network environments when every second counts. With Splunk, you can correlate data streams from all your devices and endpoints, monitor network traffic, and then connect the dots with dashboards and visualizations that provide the overall context in which critical business decisions are made everyday.

Thousands of large corporations and organizations harness the power of Splunk, but the beauty of Splunk is that you don't have to be an expert data analyst to benefit tremendously from utilizing Splunk in your business operations. Splunk collects and indexes while you search and analyze, delighted with what you've just discovered from the data at your fingertips. What Splunk delivers more efficiently than any other technology platform on the market is called operational intelligence, and that's what your business needs to thrive in the digital age.

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