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What's The Fascination With Cybersecurity?

The evolution of computer technology and the internet has revolutionized nearly every aspect of modern life. The digital age offers infinite possibilities, but also creates perilous threats influencing modern societies including cybercrime, cyberespionage, and cyber warfare. Since the emergence of the first computer virus in the 1970’s, people have sought to undermine the integrity of the systems we all rely on for business and in our personal lives. We have reached a point where as soon as a new technological device or gadget is created, cyber attackers begin searching for ways to compromise it for personal gain. In fact, sophisticated cyberattack tactics, techniques, and procedures are progressing more rapidly than cyber defense technology, and thus protecting the information systems that have become the critical foundation of modern life is perhaps the most important challenge this century and beyond.

I am fascinated by the fast-paced interplay between hackers and cyber defenders. Technology is so vast and evolves at such a rapid pace that to be an effective cybersecurity professional, one must enjoy constantly learning and working in a team that can pool its collective talents and resources to maintain the security of vital systems. I very much enjoy learning new things, and I am always striving to expand my skillset and learn more about every aspect of computer systems and security technology. I am passionate about cybersecurity because it requires me to think outside the box, but also to think inside the box and apply basic security best practices that are highly effective and to be vigilant in security monitoring, maintenance, and staying abreast of the current cyberthreat landscape.

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