• Jayden Lyons, B.S., Security+

The 20 Commandments of Cybersecurity

1 Thou shalt inventory your hardware

2 Thou shalt inventory your software

3 Thou shalt secure configurations for hardware and software

4 Though shalt engage in continuous vulnerability assessment and remediation

5 Thou shalt control use of admin privileges and monitor user behavior

6 Thou shalt maintain, monitor, and analyze security and audit logs

7 Thou shalt protect and defend email and web browsers

8 Thou shalt defend against malware

9 Thou shalt make judicious use of network ports, protocols, and services

10 Thou shalt implement data recovery and backup plans at least weekly

11 Thou shalt secure configuration of network infrastructure devices

12 Thou shalt secure network borders

13 Thou shalt maintain the integrity and confidentiality of business data

14 Thou shalt implement access control based on least privilege

15 Thou shalt secure and monitor your wireless network

16 Thou shalt manage and monitor user accounts with administrative and technical controls

17 Thou shalt provide employee security training

18 Thou shalt securely monitor and update application software

19 Thou shalt prepare an incident response plan to eradicate and restore

20 Thou shalt use secure certificates and cryptographic deployments

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