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Small business cybersecurity solutions | Splunk for small business
We provide security resources, data driven apps, and education to bridge the cybersecurity gap and accelerate your data transformation.

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Security apps that support
Collaborating at Work
Young Businesswomen
Online Class
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System Health
Strategic Planning
Staff Training
Best Practices
Incident Response 
Endpoint Security
Early Detection
Centralized Management
Defend Your Small Business From Big Threats
Cybersecurity resources and security apps to help you spot the first signs of malware infection on an endpoint.
A lack of dedicated, security-focused people, processes, and technology
make your business a target for opportunistic cybercriminals.
We provide free tools and specialized knowledge to manage, archive, and optimize your existing machine data to protect your business from a devastating cyberattack.
Small Business Impact
60% of small and medium sized businesses reported
ransomware attacks in 2020
Colleagues Working in Office
Data to information
Custom Splunk apps
for cybersecurity
designed to enlighten
and empower a strategic cyber defense
Information to action 
Blurred Busines People

Built to Empower People to Protect

Despite the many exciting benefits of artificial intelligence driven security technology to defend networks and critical infrastructure, oftentimes human intelligence is required to make sense of an emerging attack pattern.  Let's protect our precious data with an innovative approach that makes cybersecurity accessible to everyone.  


We can equip Windows endpoints with user-friendly apps that bring machine data to life, providing people and businesses with the visibility and the

context they need to identify security threats in time to take action.


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Are you making the most of your data?
We can transform your data into 24/7 endpoint visibility with Splunk, provide Splunk apps for 24/7 security insights and alerts, customize apps for optimal performance in your specific environment, and provide ongoing support for early detection of malware threats.

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